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Henning H. Bergsvåg is a Norwegian poet. His first collection of poems, Newfoundland, 

was published in 2000, which since has been followed  by several publications, like the critically acclaimed You are not here from 2016. His seventh collection of poems is released in 2020, titled Dette er ikke et stille sted (In English:This is not a quiet place).


Bergsvåg studied at the Writing Academy in Hordaland, Norway, and at Gothenburg University. In 2000 and 2002 he organized and curated Bergen Poesifest together with colleague Tomas Espedal –  a festival focusing on contemporary directions in poetry in the nordic countries, France and USA. In 2012 he established Poesidigg - an event series with readings, meetings and debates with renowned international and national poets, which also includes new voices from Bergen's underground scene. The concept has inspired offshoots in Trondheim, and has been a club concept that has successfully been curated at the Norwegian Literature Festival at Lillehammer, Bjørnson Festival, Nattjazz, Audiatur poesifestival and more.

Bergsvåg is translated into English, Dutch, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, and recently to French in Revue Nioques. From 2007-2015 he was a board member of the board of The Norwegian Writers’ Association.


     Newfoundland, 2000, Gyldendal.

     Night work, 2003, Gyldendal.

     Nemesis, 2007, Gyldendal.

     Over the River Tweed, 2010, Gyldendal.  

     The English Garden, 2013, Gyldendal.

     You are not here, 2016, Gyldendal. 

      Dette er ikke et stille sted, 2020, Gyldendal. 

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